Festival overview

Tuesday 6 July, 7:30pmWest Court & live-streamedPlus Minus EnsembleUmwelt
New and recent music for assortments of violin, piano, electric guitar, clarinet and electronics.
Wednesday 7 July, 7pmWest Court & live-streamedPlus Minus Ensemble with Mamoru IriguchiLecture about Bad Music by Matthew Shlomowitz.
Wednesday 7 July, 9pmWest Court
& live-streamed
Mariam Rezaei, Raw-Green-Rust and Gerard RomaGRRRRabbing: Green, Rawlinson, Rust, Roma Rezaei
Experimental DJing and new pieces written with FluCoMa tools, live electronics and live coding.
Thursday 8 July, 7:30pmWest Court & live-streamed
Annie Mahtani and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Newsfeed | Fractals
Deep, ambisonic listening and more new FluCoMa music.
Friday 9 July, 7:30pmWest Court & live-streamedNiamh Dell,
Richard Devine,
Alice Eldridge,
Peter Evans,
Alex Harker,
Chris Keifer,
Mark Knoop, Sam Pluta, Hans Tutschku
Liminal Spaces
Extraordinary new electronic music premieres made with FluCoMa and performed by some of the world’s most thrilling musicians, just look at that list <—-
Saturday 10 July, 1:45 and 4pmKeynotes live-streamed at 1:45 and 4pmFluCoMa PlenaryPlenary
Reflections on the recent advances of musicianly (ab)uses of the machine listening and machine learning technologies by artists. Keynote talks from Rebbeca Fiebrink and Chris Kiefer.