University Context

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The MSc in Sound Design is organised and run within the Reid School of Music ( and is very closely associated with activities in the subject area of postgraduate degrees in Design and Digital Media and Acoustics and Music Technology.

ECA includes also the subjects areas of Art, Design, ESALA and History of Art. In the University structure, ECA is  a School within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Complexity and terminology

The University of Edinburgh is a large institution with a complex structure. It can be helpful to understand where the Sound Design programme sits within this, as you will almost certainly interact with a range of different levels of the university organisation during your time on the programme.

The University is divided in to three academic colleges, which are in turn divided in to twenty schools that house a range of subject areas (departments). Alongside this academic structure are various support groups, such as Information Services (computing and libraries, among other things), Accommodation Services, and so forth.

Sound Design is situated in the Reid School of Music, which is part of Edinburgh College of Art, and ECA is part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Confusion can arise because ECA, despite having the word ‘college’ in its name, is actually a ‘school’ in terms of university organisation, and the Reid School of Music is actually a Subject Area.