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Lecture 05 ambisonics and Reaper, a quickish tutorial

What follows are instructions on how to make use of Reaper and the very powerful Ambisonics tool Kit to help you to spatialize your sound. It does not advise on what might sound good in a spatial context, but gives

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Lecture 04 – videos

Part 1 This segment attends to some of the differences between music and sound design. It draws some connections between contemporary / modernist music and the sound design worlds built up in film sound design. Part 2 This section we

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Lecture 03 and workshop – visit from Carl Edstrom

Table of Contents 1. intro 2. in the lecture 2.1. transitions 2.2. Most dramatic scenes 2.3. creating space 3. on design 3.1. on mixing 4. role of sound designer/sound supervisor 5. on mastering 6. on jobs 7. Linkwitz panasonic microphone

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Lecture 04 – tools for gathering media from DVDs and doing your analysis

This post contains some useful information. While I’m not interested in encouraging you to hack DVDs and make production companies suffer, we do need to find ways to extract parts of films pull their audio and perform analysis on them.

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