Month: September 2018

Dante/rednet guide for studio 1

The linked file below is by Ana Betancourt and shows how the Rednet studio 1 setup should work. DANTE-Guide-Studio1

Lecture 02 – source and capture

Summary of what we did In this session we revised the key modes of listening put forwards in the first lecture; Reduced Listening, Causal Listening, Semantic Listening and Referential Listening. We listened to the 1996 radio play of Hunter S.

Tutorial 02 – mic and cable making workshop

If you have a soldering iron, cables, connectors, piezo discs or even some plastidip, please bring it to this party. We will run the workshop twice so that the group isn’t too large and unwieldy. We’ll show some designs for

Lecture 01 – listening and hearing

Roderick’s notes on hearing SDM Week 01 – Listening Martin’s notes on listening 01_SD toolkit2018 Video of Martin’s talk on listening. We only got into 30 minutes of this so will work some more on listening in Lecture 2.  

Tutorial 01 – getting busy in the studios Sign up for a slot above and bring something that makes a sound, we’ll attempt to record it. Bring mobile phones to capture specific phsyical details of layout and system so that you can look over this again later.