Bela Workshop 13th Feb 2017

Bela is an open-source embedded audio / sensor platform based on the BeagleBone Black which provides submillisecond latency between action and sound, and which replaces the need for a laptop and external microcontroller boards such as Arduino to create digital musical instruments or interactive sound devices. Bela was created in the Augmented Instruments Lab, part of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London and four members of lab will present an introductory workshop on the platform and its applications.
In this workshop we’ll introduce Bela and guide participants through building some projects with the platform. The focus will be on using Pure Data with Bela and bringing synthesis projects to life with sensor input. We will provide all the required kit and assume no experience with electronics but a basic understanding of Pure Data or Max/MSP. Participants should bring a laptop with Pure Data Vanilla installed and a pair of headphones. For more technical details about Bela see our wiki and here.


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By signing this workshop you’re committing to one of 20 places. You are expected to turn up on time and attend for the whole day. If you can’t do this, please send someone else from your group along to take your place. We expect this to be a very popular event.