submitting work for assessment


  1. Create a submission 01 and 02 category  if your supervisor hasn’t done this already
  2. Develop your content for the submission and upload it to the site and make sure that each post that you wish to be examined is in the submission category
  3. Enable post sorting plugin
  4. Select the submissions category in the listing of all posts and sort the posts in the order that you want them to be read. Put the most important post at the top of the list.
  5. One representative from the group then needs to submit on Learn (, then click on ‘Digital Media Studio Project’ course). Click on ‘Submission 1’ in the left hand menu, then click on the DMSP Submission 1 item. Press the ‘write submission’ button and in the text box paste the URL to the submission-1 category on the project blog (e.g.<myproject>/category/submission-1/)
  6. Each group member, go to learn and ‘Submission 1’, choose ‘Submission 1 Peer Assessment’ and select your assignment. Complete the assignment by reviewing your performance, the performance of your peers, rating from 0-5 across several categories.
  7. Once this is done, you have submitted your work and the submission is complete.

Some vimeo videos are here to help. The sound’s not good, but it may clear up a few questions.

Sorting posts

Upload to subsys

Peer Review