what is sound design…?


The University of Edinburgh invites sonic artists, musicians, designers, scientists, engineers, theorists, composers, improvisers, performers, theatre sound specialists, directors, film makers, computer-games players and developers, graphic designers, historians, technologists, archaeologists, architects, acousticians, geographers and industrial designers to this three-day symposium. Organised according to the timeframes of sound, rather than grouped by discipline, day 1 explores sound on a microlevel from samples to seconds. On day 2 we’ll move from seconds to scenes and day 3 we’ll scale up from scenes to systems.

“What is sound design…?” seeks to bring our rich but fractured community together to explore sound in terms pertinent to us all. Rather than focus on the technologies, tools and techniques we share, we’ll instead concentrate on sound in terms of duration, from a microsecond in a digital system right through to the sonic concepts that sustain a multi-edition TV series to the lifespan of your mobile phone and the impact of appification on our craft and its reception.

Check out our schedule of eventsreserve a seat and join us on the 27, 28 and 29th November.

“What is sound design…?” has been organised by Martin Parker, Varun Nair and Owen Green and has been generously supported by Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh and New Media Scotland.

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