pulsarAutomata, 10 channel installation for computer generated pluriphonic sound

pulsarAutomata by Marcin Pietruszewski in collaboration with Curtis Roads, Marcus Schmickler and Florian

The material point of departure for pulsarAutomata is a process of analysis and resynthesis of historicalsound recordings of pulsar synthesis, technique originally developed by Curtius Roads and popularised inhis book Microsound . Integrating a novel sound synthesis design, a machine listening techniques, and anoriginal spatialisation score, the work probes the possibility of the computational description of timbre as aform building approach. As such the work of pulsarAutomata should be seen as an algorithmic script for amultidimensional auditory scene formulation; sounding of timbre analysis and resynthesis which attemptsto reveal temporal, spatial and qualitative relationships between multiple renderings of a singular soundsynthesis model.

Opening on Wednesday 20th at 4pm – opening talks by Prof. Peter Nelson and Marcin Pietruszewski. Closing concert on Friday 22nd at 7pm