[Reticulations] – ‘faces of social organisms

19 October, 7pm, West Court, Edinburgh College of Art. Free Entry. Ticket reservations via eventbrite.

Image of reticulation. Credit.

At many levels of the biosphere, you find a phenomenon of emergent behaviour: from how viruses reproduce, to mounds built by termites, to flocks of birds, right up to the organisation of human societies. No more is this evident than in the complex web of interactions that make the meta-social systems of the internet. But how, at an individual level, can we make sense of the larger social organism that we are a part of and the amorphous space it occupies?

[Reticulations] is a night of Audio-visual performance that uses real-time social-media data to express this abstract form through video game engines, generative sonic structures and human-computer interaction. Expect a playful mix of rhythmic determinism, ambient stasis and chaotic evolution.

There will be four performances by Nani Porenta, Louis McHugh, Dara Etefaghi and Eleni-Ira Panourgia.

Louis McHugh

Eleni-Ira’s piece is called “Birdnoise”.

She says,

Birdnoise (2022) explores the relationship between human and bird auditory perception in urban landscapes. Recordings of urban ambiences, materials and birds are processed to produce a speculation on the adaptation of species in future cities. Birdnoise exposes the struggling voices between the human and avian worlds in search of new registers. 

Eleni-Ira Panougia, 2022