[Melting] – ‘faces of the Babel Table

7pm, West Court, Edinburgh College of Art, tickets free, reservations required on Eventbrite.

Image from totemcontemporain.com: Credit

We are delighted to be hosting Jean-François Laporte here in Edinburgh for the second time. He visited us back in 2014, lead workshops with our students and gave a stunning performance with some of his extraordinary instruments. He’s back in Edinburgh again, this time to perform a suite of newly commissioned works witten for live electronics and his Babel Table. This art object, instrument and performance interface is powered by an air compressor, looks and sound stunning.

• Stéphane Roy: Bestiaire à hauteur d’oreille
• Benjamin Thingpen and Jean-François Laporte: Passage
• Carlo Barbagallo: Melting
• Savannah Agger: Quicksand
• Érick d’Orion: Musht+(K+B)

Photo: Othman Ouaiss