Orange tip

Orange Tip are an experimental jazz quartet from Athens. Stemming from the creative forces behind M.O.B. trio, their music is described as the crossroads between modern jazz and electronic music. The group’s creative practice combines elements from the soundworlds of both the acoustic jazz quartet and the ambient noise subgenre.

Synthesizers, effects, loops and drones share prominent roles in the creation of the quartet’s soundscape. The band’s compositions are, primarily, based on open forms, utilizing both tonal and non-tonal linear material, while improvisation parts subtly balance between the generation of melodic material and the formation of a variety of multi-textural sonic atmospheres.


Marios Valinakis- Tenor Saxophone & Live Electronics

Sakis Tsinoukas- Guitar

Alexis Delis- Electric & Double Bass

Panagiotis Kostopoulos- Drums