sounding physical models

Wednesday 20th February, 2019

Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, doors 6:30pm, gig 7-8pm map:

Tickets available here:

We’re very happy to be able to present a concert of work by a variety of composers who worked with the Acoustics and Audio group as part of the NESS (Next-generation Sound Synthesis) project, which ran jointly between the Reid School of Music and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre between 2012 and 2016.

The goal of NESS was to develop physics-based algorithms for sound synthesis, get them running reasonably fast on a GPU-based supercomputer, and then work closely with composers in order to arrive at fully synthetic multichannel pieces of music.

All four of the composers that we worked with closely will be on hand to introduce and play their pieces in an eight-channel format:

Gordon Delap (NUI Maynooth): Ashes to Ashes (2013)

Trevor Wishart (University of Durham): Dithyramb-Kepler 63e (2014)

Gadi Sassoon (Independent, Milan): TBA

Tom Mudd (University of Edinburgh): TBA

The NESS Project was funded by the European Research Council, under grant number ERC-StG-2011-279068-NESS