FluCoMa plenary keynotes

Our plenary features keynotes from Rebecca Fiebrink and Chris Keifer

Join us for their keynotes at 1:45 and 4pm respectively, Saturday 10 July.

About Rebecca’s Keynote:

I’ve spent more than a decade collaborating with composers, musicians, artists, game designers, teachers, and others in my work designing new usable technologies and seeking to understand the opportunities and consequences of using machine learning in creative practice. In this talk, I’ll reflect on both the challenges and value in developing and sustaining meaningful collaborations.

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About Chris Keifer’s Keynote

Musicians have a long history of engagement with AI and machine learning technologies in creative practice, although we there are still many questions about how to explore and apply these technologies, and about how to approach them musically. Creative approaches to AI are often non-standard, and pose questions around some core assumptions in machine learning. How do we approach machine learning with loosely-defined or undefinable aims, and how does this affect our approach and process? Kiefer will present projects that explore challenges in creative AI though the lens of instrument design and digital/hybrid lutherie: dynamical systems approaches to interactive machine learning, sound and audiovisual synthesis with conceptor networks, customised livecoding languages that encapsulate machine learning processes, and new approaches to realtime embedded/embodied machine learning in musical instruments. Threaded through these projects are questions about hybrainity/network bending, complexity, and the creative appeal of machine learning instruments.

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