Theory/practice papers

A variety of theories are relevant to hybrid teaching, and there is a literature around experiences of it in practice, lessons learned etc. There are references in the UoE document (see Also, a related idea driven by some of the same people is Near Future Teaching (resource site at

Here are some further pointers, initially relating to the work of our “Digitals” group — do contribute suggestions for more.

Coyne, Richard, John Lee, and Denitsa Petrova. 2017. Re-visiting the flipped classroom in a design context. Journal of Learning Design, (10) 2, 1-13.

“Paragogy”: hybrid and other forms of teaching and learning in art. Developed in

“Vicarious Learning” is the idea of learning from the learning experiences of others. Exemplified in the traditional concept of a “masterclass”, the design crit, the tutorial group, and many other familiar situations, some believe it to be a key factor in the effectiveness of hybrid teaching and learning.

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