GRRRRabbing: Green Rawlinson Rust Roma Rezaei

Live stream, ready from 8:55pm, July 7, 2021

Tonight’s concert is all about sampling and resampling and grabbing sound again. In corruscating loops and fanices, RawGreenRust will eat each other’s sounds using FluCoMa listening and organisational tools to make decisions about what they’ll hear and be allowed to play. Gerard Roma’s new piece will look at live coding as a means of reorganising and repurposing sound in real-time. The gig ends with experimental turntablism from composer and DJ Mariam Rezaei.  Using two turntables, Mariam will improvise with vocal and instrumental samples in an improvisation that bridges both her Iranian and English heritage.  Timbres move between reductionism, noise, free jazz and absurdism with hints of opera and hiphop.

To help you get you even more excited, here is Owen Green talking about “Regulatory Capture”, the piece he has devised for live performance by the Raw Green Rust trio: