Gerard Roma – Big fry-up

Performed live by Gerard Roma – Premiere

Duration: 12 minutes

An audio-visual investigation of frying, sizzling, sputtering, broiling and poaching sounds, through the lens of computer-assisted stirring.

Programme note

Big Fry-up is an improvised exploration of sounds produced by organic matter when heated for the purpose of human nutrition. An effervescent collection of recordings has been diligently hoarded and dissected to serve as raw material and is now, before our very eyes, converted to an interactive visual map using special machine learning sauces. The map is animated by dialogue with a gang of wandering artificial agents.
A sizzling audiovisual instrument, controlled in real time by a hard-boiled operator through live coding.


Gerard Roma investigates the inner life of sounds by poking at computers and other electronic circuits.

His work often involves digital transformation of recorded sound textures coerced into algorithmic forms via live coding and self-made audio-visual instruments.

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