Drift Shadow by Alex Harker performed by Niamh Dell

For live oboe and electronics (+ sound projection)

Program note:

Here the oboe conjures up a world of fragile unstable textures, complex timbres and noise. The live player is continuously shadowed by the electronics, which seek to follow her moves through a set of open areas for exploration, stretching out fleeting moments into dense masses of sound. 

I am indebted to Niamh Dell for her generosity of time and spirit on this project.


Alex Harker


Alex Harker is a musician and audio programmer who composes for instruments and electronics. He enjoys collaborating closely with performers to explore timbral approaches to acoustic instruments, as well as creating software tools to support his creative work, and that of others.

He previously studied composition at the University of Birmingham and the University of York and has been taught by numerous composers including Gwyn Pritchard, Vic Hoyland, Jonty Harrison, Scott Wilson, Roger Marsh and Ambrose Field. His approach to music making embraces both the abstractions and formalism employed by some of these composers and the intuitive, more open-ended approach of others.

He currently teaches at the University of Huddersfield where he aims to help students develop their musical and technical skills across a wide range of musical styles and activities.

Niamh Dell

Niamh Dell is an Australian oboist living in the UK while she completes her practice based PhD at the University of York. Her current interests are in contemporary solo and chamber music, with a particular focus on experimental practice. Having completed her Masters degree at the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt, she now performs with Strasbourg’s Collective Lovemusic, who regularly commission new works and undertake pedagogical projects and performances around Europe. In addition to Lovemusic, Niamh has played with notable ensembles such as the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and the Ensemble Modern Orchestra and her teachers have included Alexandre Oguey, Elizabeth Chee and Christian Hommel. 

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