Liminal Spaces

Live stream, ready 7:25pm, 9 July 2021

Programme notes for the pieces for tonight’s concert are linked below:

Feedbackfeedforward by Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer

Neural Duo by Sam Pluta and Peter Evans

Drift Shadow by Alex Harker

Neural Duo by Sam Pluta and Peter Evans

Sparks by Hans Tutschku

Recursion Constructors by Richard Devine

FluCoMa how to from the commissioned artists

To get you all excited about tonights gaggle of new music premieres, here are the composers talking about how they have used the FluCoMa toolkit to create their work. The programme notes and youtube link to the live stream will be embedded here on the night. The gig starts at 7:30pm on Friday 9 July.

Sam Pluta on mapping low dimensional control data to high dimensional synthesizers
Alex Harker talking about his piece for Oboe and electronics to be performed by extraordinary oboist Niamh Dell
Hans Tutschku on creating a non-linear piano tracker
Richard Devine on using the FluCoMa toolset to create the piece “Recursion Constructors”.
Gerard Roma discusses his new piece “Big Fry Up”
Alice Eldrige and Chris Keifer present the development process of their shared feedback instrument for the performance FeedbackFeedForward