Neural Duo by Sam Pluta performed by Sam Pluta and Peter Evans

Programme note

This improvised work is an extension of Evans and Pluta’s decade-plus making music together as a duo. A commission from the FluCoMa project, the electronics focus on Pluta’s Neural Network Synths, a system of high dimensional synthesis algorithms that are controlled with traditional controllers via neural networks found in the FluCoMa project.


Sam Pluta is a composer/performer focused on merging the worlds of composition, improvisation, electronic production and creative coding. He creates systems of shared agency, blurring the lines between creator and interpreter, source and effect, human and computer.

Peter Evans is a trumpet player and composer based in New York City since 2003.   Evans is part of a broad, hybridized scene of musical experimentation and his work cuts across a wide range of modern musical practices and traditions.  Peter is committed to the simultaneously self-determining and collaborative nature of musical improvisation as a compositional tool, and works with an ever-expanding group of musicians and composers in the creation of new music.

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