Performed by Feedback Cell:  Alice Eldridge + Chris Kiefer + feedback cello(s) + laptop + synths

Format-live: Live performance, distributed amplification

Format-online: Video and stereo audio of live gig / live binaural capture

About the piece

An improvisation for two humans and a shared, self-willed instrument – a self-resonating feedback cello is coupled with an analogue synth via audio and adaptive machine listening and learning algorithms.


Feedback Cell is the open-ended experimental luthiary and performance project of Chris Kiefer and Alice Eldridge. The project develops Feedback Musicianship through iteratively making, playing, measuring, and thinking about feedback resonator instruments. Feedback cellos are made from hacked acoustic cellos, custom fitted with pick-ups, built-in speakers and on-body transducers, analogue and digital processing to create instruments that self-resonate.

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