Approaches from elsewhere

Ideas about hybrid teaching are starting to emerge across the community, at least of UoE. Here we will list some materials produced by others in UoE, and also further afield. As ever, suggestions welcome.

Edinburgh Hybrid Learning Exchange:
and a digest that it has recently published:

UoE Staff Guidance on Hybrid Working:

IAD page on Hybrid Teaching:

Moray House introduction to hybrid teaching:

Rapid ABC for hybrid teaching (course design process from IS):

Information on accessibility (from IS):

Advice from Bristol on how to teach over low bandwidth connections:

How to be a better online teacher (from Chronicle of Higher Education):

Homepage of the European Maturity model for Blended Education

Ten simple rules for supporting a temporary online pivot in higher education

Developing practices in universities in China returning to campus:

Guidance from QAA:

Academia in the time of Covid-19: towards an ethics of care

OU: teaching design online at a distance

Student experience of a “virtual field trip”:

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