Month: November 2018

Hourly rate calculator

Lecture 11 – a freelance guide to survival

Context Some jokes first Summarised nicely here: Now to business… Look at Creative Scotland’s recent strategy document ( submitted to the community for consultation and comment in 2015). What can we see?

Ambisonic guidance

Table of Contents 1. AFormat 2. BFormat 3. Ambisonics toolkit 4. Facebook 360 and Google 5. ICST toolkit 6. suggestions for a file naming procedure important information about ambisonics tools and their formats 1 AFormat aFormat is a 4 channel

Lecture 10 – bucket

1 Mastering 1.1 EQ Start with EQ look for ultra low frequencies that might be reducing your headroom 1.2 Compression Use a low ratio, 1.5-1 maximum, keep the compression subtle The threshold is low then the compressor won’t work very

MetaData – 3

OK, so metadata injection can’t be much fun for many of you, but it has its uses down the line, especially tracing origins of material and organising things quickly and being able sort and reorganise yourself and your libraries. What

Ambisonic workflows with Reaper

What follows are instructions on how to make use of Reaper and the very powerful Ambisonics tool Kit to help you to spatialize your sound. It does not advise on what might sound good in a spatial context, but gives

Lecture 09 – Surround Sound and Introduction to Ambisonics

Below are the slides from today’s lecture on surround sound including the introduction to ambisonics which we will look at in more detail in the tutorial. SDM Week 09 – Space and Time B

Lecture 08 – spectra

Thinking spectrally Perhaps one of the best ways to approach thinking spectrally is to think about the music that has been written in the last 40 years where the science of spectral analysis and understanding has been at its core.