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Addenda to week 11’s lecture

Addenda Following the session this year, I thought it worth following up with some more information and reflection after our discussion together. Firstly Firstly, Lisa’s link to the New Yorker’s Freelance achievement stickers: Secondly, hourly rate calculator In the

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Lecture 11 – a freelance guide to survival

Context Some jokes first Summarised nicely here: Now to business… Look at Creative Scotland’s recent strategy document ( submitted to the community for consultation and comment in 2015). What can we see?

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Lecture 10: (non)Standards

notes begun by Owen Green in 2016, further adapted in 2017 by Martin Parker Vidcap from the lecture Working professionally with audio involves treading a fine line between achieving creative aims, dealing with the requirements of the media via which

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Lecture 09: making a scene

Look at this image and answer two questions: What do you see? What does the image say? The answer to the first question is easy, it’s a list. Your answer to the second question may be far more nuanced and

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Lecture 08 – Filters, FFT

Filters: Once you have come to terms with the things that Dario explained in the session, have a watch of Tim Place’ really interesting video that will further demystify how filters work and what they do: When you’ve imbibed

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Lecture 07: Transforming Sounds

Developed from notes by Owen Green In this session we look at ways of processing sound beyond layering and sequencing. The major chunk of the session is spent with you collaboratively pulling together content and knowledge on different aspects of

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Lecture 06: Layering, Sequencing

Perhaps this lecture should be prefaced ‘Transforming Sound Part 1…’: arranging sounds in layers and in time are the foundational transformations available to us. The first part of this session will involve talking and listening. In the second part, we’ll try

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05 – introducing ambisonics

Our aims In this session, we had several aims; 1 – show how to correctly space and line up a surround (5.1) setup using our house PA 2 – become aware of the extra difficulties involved in merging hardware and

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04 – categorisation of sound, sound analysis, sound organisation and using the commandline to get things done

Some papers essential to today’s session that you should read afterwards: The following papers will add considerable flesh and multiple dimensions to your thinking about sound library construction, organisation and the way you approach categorisation. In some cases the authors

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Lecture 01 – the sound designer’s toolkit

Download the lecture slides: 01_SD toolkit2017-18 Abstract Of all the tools available to the modern sound designer, the most used is the ear. A sensitive and delicate organ, the healthy ear can detect  vast detail in terms of frequency content,

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02 – what is sound design 2017?

John says: September 20, 2017 at 9:27 pm  (Edit) Sound design is generally understood to be sound created to serve a higher goal, for example, sound that adds emotional resonance to a film. Music composition, by contrast, is created to be

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Lecture 03: The Inner Lives of Sound

    This session sets out to elaborate more on the relationship between what we hear vs what our equipment hears. Above are four themes for SDM that we’ve suggested as axes to consider when designing sound. Brief discussion: What

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