03 – region rendering and speeding up editing in Reaper

Editing audio in Reaper can be fun and very quick. There are numerous features that allow you to speed things up, render differently processed versions of the same sound, batch create WAV and MP3, surround, binaural and bformat versions of the same sound event etc. This short tutorial will show you the key things you’ll need to bear in mind when editing audio with Reaper.

1 – disable snapping


2 – setup shortcut keys to allow selections to become regions

actions then search for time selection from items and create a shortcut key you like. You can also check you’re happy with shift+R to make a region from time selection and also with shift+s to make an edit from time selection.

3 – setup region render matrix and bounce things down

edit>> region/Marker manager name your regions something sensible without spaces, these will form part of the filename. Name your track something sensible (like the sound source). This will also become part of your filename.

In the region render manager, give a sensible filename using your initials and wildcards of track and region. Make sure you include the region name in your BWV chunk. Render away.