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Impulse Responses & Convolution

Adapted from lecture notes by Varun Nair What is convolution? Convolution is the process where each single sample of a sound is multiplied by every sample of another sound. It is different from the plain multiplication of two sounds where

Making Recording Logs: Quick Tip

The following information and xsl parsing file was made generously by Owen Green in 2015. Reproduced here with thanks as it really takes the headache out of generating your spreadsheet of audio data. From Owen: Making recording logs can be

Meters, Mixing Levels, Loudness (and the new ITU spec)

Note: There is an embedded video near the bottom of the post that provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the new EBU loudness standards. If you wish to jump straight to that and read the text later, then click

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The FFT and Exploring Spectra

So far in the course we have generally considered the sound data we deal with to be in the time domain, as a sequence of samples (or a varying voltage) in time. Sometimes, however, it can be useful to work with