February – Limits to Growth by Owen Green and Martin Parker has just been installed. This is a sonic parasite that feeds from the auditory environment of the gallery space in order to make itself heard. Over the course of its infestation, its relationship to the environment will change. Initially, the system is closed, prescribed and deterministic. However, as time passes a sequence of interventions from Owen and Martin will see the work ‘mature’ in situ, establishing – if you will – a niche. By the end of its time, it will have developed from something closed to something more structurally coupled to the environment, where behaviours and transformations of sound are themselves driven by what it ‘hears’ (including, of course, itself).

15 February Composer and sound artist Martin Parker performs his multi-speaker rant playRoom. This concert will litter the gallery with speakers: come and sit where you like, there is no sweetspot.

17–20 February ­– As part of the University’s Innovative Learning Week, renowned composer Agostino Di Scipio leads a public workshop on his pioneering work on audible ecosystems. The workshop will end on the 20th with a public performance of the works devised.

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