gap in the air: a festival of sonic art

Talbot Rice Gallery, 15 Nov 2014 - 14 Feb 2015

a gap in my words by James Clegg

A sound crystallising between that of a harp and breaking glass. Yet like breaking bread – a soft generous activity shared with a mesmerised audience. Through the lungs, the mouth and teeth, the guttural intersection of the body, saliva and the saxophone; noises pushed and pulled the space; piercing yet delicate rhythms formed by soft tissues and tongue; then sudden sheiks from unseen sirens and invisible harmonic orchestras. I offer.. Read More

place overview

15–29 November – Complimenting the Georgian history of the building, Disinformation’s installation The Analysis of Beauty is based upon William Hogarth’s thesis of the same name. Hogarth, fascinated by ‘Serpentine Lines’, argued that ‘S’ shaped lines were active, lively and stimulating and therefore beautiful. As Serpentine lines correspond to what we today call sinusoidal waves, a fundamental visual form derived from mathematics and from musical acoustics, these lines present numerous.. Read More

“The Analysis of Beauty” by Disinformation

15 – 29 Nov 2014 “The eye hath this sort of enjoyment in winding walks, and serpentine rivers, and all sorts of objects, whose forms, as we shall see hereafter, are composed principally of what I call the waving and serpentine lines. Intricacy in form, therefore, I shall define to be that peculiarity in the lines, which compose it, that leads the eye a wanton kind of chace, and from.. Read More

60th birthday concert with Michel Doneda and Edimpro

Join us in celebration of Swiss improvising saxophonist Michel Doneda’s 60th birthday with a concert of solo improvised saxophone. Michel will be joined and supported by Edinburgh’s free improvisation collective Edimpro. This event is free, but advance ticket reservation is required. Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite