place_0315–29 November – Complimenting the Georgian history of the building, Disinformation’s installation The Analysis of Beauty is based upon William Hogarth’s thesis of the same name. Hogarth, fascinated by ‘Serpentine Lines’, argued that ‘S’ shaped lines were active, lively and stimulating and therefore beautiful. As Serpentine lines correspond to what we today call sinusoidal waves, a fundamental visual form derived from mathematics and from musical acoustics, these lines present numerous possibilities for interpretation.


17 November – the place symposium focuses on the challenges of presenting sound in gallery spaces with guest speaker Joe Banks (Disinformation), artist and author of Rorschach Audio: Art & Illusion for Sound.


27 November – the renowned experimental saxophonist Michel Doneda celebrates his 60th birthday with free improvisation collective Edimpro.place_01