José Rafael Subía Valdez

QUANTUM – [duration 7:34]

Quantum is an electroacoustic/audiovisual piece that works a recurrent conceptual idea used by the artist. It consists on the rescaling of different objects/phenomenons, like shrinking an explosion or magnifying a piece of cotton, allowing a different appreciation of them. Quantum is inspired in the idea of “atomic sound”. It was composed using different synthesis and and DSP techniques like VASP and granular synthesis and it uses ambisonics for the spatial treatment. The video is product of collaboration with visual artist Felipe Jácome [aka 3PO]. Video version can be found here:

YUNKA – [duration 8:39]

Electroacoustic, multichannel piece composed in 2012 using sounds produced by objects of Ecuador’s folklore, specially “pailas” and “morteros”. Additionally it has recordings of Ecuador’s rain forest located in Mindo. Its name means “earth” or “dirt” in Quechua. Nevertheless, the intention of the composer with this name is not to create a Nationalistic comment but instead just to situate the place of origin of the sounds used. The piece plays with multidimensional listening, it creates a parallel listening experience where the audience changes between natural sound landscapes to others created with synthesized and processed sounds. Yunka was composed in “Ambisonics”, this allows its reproduction in different speaker multichannel layouts.