touch here to beginthroughout January presenting the work of University staff, students and recent graduates, touch here to begin features works that test the potential of mobile technologies in a gallery settings. Works by Adam Campbell, Kirsty Keatch, Christos Michalakos and Martin Parker explore how smart-technologies can involve us in dynamic listening experiences. If you have one, bring your smart phone along.


19 January A mobile audio workshop led by Two Big Ears, a company specialising in mobile sound technology founded by alumni, gives participants the opportunity to explore sound design for mobile applications.


24 January Fields, Tablets and Skins, live performances by Marco Melis, Christos MichalakosTim Shaw & Sébastien Piquemal. Bring your smartphone fully charged as this will be used in the performance.


26 Januaryphones, screens & cans, a debate on art’s relationship with mobile technologies will take the form of an on-line debate on this site, including video interviews and written articles. More information will be available shortly.