gap in the air: a festival of sonic art

Talbot Rice Gallery, 15 Nov 2014 - 14 Feb 2015

playroom – multispeaker live performance 15th Feb

playRoom is around 30 minutes long and was written as an anti-sweetspot mutli-speaker rant, come and sit where you like. You may never hear any of the courageous orators whose passion inspired the piece but the music is propelled entirely by the conviction of innumerable speeches harvested from youTube and other soapbox platforms. Voices on the verge of tears, laughing, arguing, defending, attacking and reflecting give this piece both its.. Read More

touch here to begin – throughout January 2015

Touch here to begin features the brand new work of four sonic artists based in Edinburgh, each one using smartphones or tablets in some way. Adam Campbell’s new project Recurring Points brings a series of sonic sculptures for Android OS to the Georgian Gallery. Kirsty Keatch has built Katakata, a Jacob’s Ladder that responds to the movements of your mobile phone. Christos Michalakos’ Skins and Stones is a responsive automated.. Read More

Katakata by Kirsty Keatch

  Kirsty Keatch is a sound design researcher, who’s work is focused on designing interactions with sound to benefit inclusive user experience. Katakata is a kinetic sound sculpture that can be triggered using the visitor’s smart phone. By using the orientation of the mobile device through a web-based application,  the user can interact with the sculpture, manipulating subtle variations of it’s sound in real time.

recurring points by Adam Campbell

Sound artist Adam Campbell presents three audio visual pieces exploring nonlinear generative processes using dynamical systems. Patterns of sound, shape and colour develop and mutate in relation to external conditions within the gallery, leading to the emergence of new forms and structures. Audio and visual components are synthesized in real time, where an analysis of sound within the gallery influences subsystems which determine their timbral and formal characteristics.  Each piece’s.. Read More

journeyMan by Martin Parker

journeyMan has been composed for ambulant listener and smart phone. Walking, moving, turning and standing still are the actions that propel this piece forwards. Rather than playing from start to finish (like most songs you’ll listen to on mobile phone), this piece is spherical in form. Start the piece and the phone will perform for you. Change direction and harmonies might shift, stop moving and the piece may hover, until.. Read More

Fields, Tablets and Skins – 24th Jan 2015

Doors open 8pm, Georgian Gallery, Talbot Rice. Ticket reservations below. This concert features three sets by performers with very different backgrounds and styles, but all re-purposing contemporary technologies for live performance. Marco Melis will perform Silence, a provocative set made up of micro-sonic gestures driven by a Wacom graphics tablet. Christos Michalakos will premier Torrrque performance around his installation skins and stones. This involves a drum kit augmented with lights,.. Read More

silence by Marco Melis performed on 24th Jan 2015

This performance, conceived during the sanguinary Gaza bombing of 2014, is misleadingly and provocatively entitled Silence. Silence as antonym of sound, which disintegrates into non-durational atoms. Silence as antonym of speech: the faculty that allows “the disclosure of the agent … of who somebody is”, writes Hannah Arendt. Speech as antonym of scream, scream that struggles to be speech. Tension, conflict, dialogue between human and artificial imaginations. Video:

Torrrque by Christos Michalakos

This piece will be performed on the 24th January at our Fields, Tablets, Skins concert, 8pm. Reserve tickets. Torrrque is a new work by Christos Michalakos using light, space and his electronically augmented drum-kit, to be premiered at the Talbot Rice Gallery on the 24th January in Edinburgh. It follows Frrriction, performed at the Reid Concert Hall, and Trrraction, performed at Inspace, as part of the What is sound design…?.. Read More