Each of the compositions submitted by Michael Brown from the University of Derby draws material narrative design from self-crafted moving images. The moving images are derived from a number of visual source materials developed in Adobe Photoshop and animated in U&I Software Artmatic. The music is assembled in the DAW Reaper www.reaper.fm/. A fundamental theme of the three compositions is the synchronisation of musical form with moving visual design so these might be imagined whilst you listen to them in the space at Talbot Rice.

Geometric Love (3 minutes, 35 seconds)
The piece is an exploration of musical synchronisation to abstract image animation and involves sonic materials drawn from largely self-crafted sources. The moving image from which many of the narrative structures are drawn can be found here:

This composition made its debut at the Sounds in Space Symposium at the University of Derby www.derby.ac.uk/files/sounds_in_space_2013_programme.pdf


and later as part of the KIE Conference presentation in Riga, Latvia www.kiecon.org/.

Celestial Dynamics   (7 minutes)
Stargazing Live 2013
This composition was presented as part of an installation to celebrate the development of a replica telescope by the astronomer William Herschel developed at the University of Derby and featured on the BBC programme Stargazing Live:
Initial sonic source materials includes material from the sound archives of NASA. The associated moving image can be reviewed here:

Fluid Dynamics (8 minutes)
This was my first excursion into moving image auralisation. The source sound materials were derived primarily from a single Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. The piece was premiered at our Sounds in Space Symposium 2012, University of Derby: www.derby.ac.uk/adt/research/events/sounds-in-space-2012 and later taken to the ACA (American Creativity Association) Conference in Maine, USA and at the From tape to typedef 2013 conference at the University of Sheffield: music.dept.shef.ac.uk/ocs/index.php/t2td/t2td2013

The associated moving image can be reviewed here: