Fields_image_1Performed on the 24th January, 8pm, Georgian Gallery, Talbot Rice. Reserve Tickets.

Please bring your smartphone fully charged.

Sébastien and Tim explore mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion. Audience members can join in by simply connecting to a specific website with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The connected devices become an array of speakers that the performers can control live, resulting in an omni-directional sonic experience. This project provides an alternative method for sound spatialisation as well as offering new ways in which audiences can engage in sonic works.

Fields refers to two main, interconnected parts; Firstly, an audio playback system using web technologies to diffuse sound live through the inbuilt speakers of the audience’s mobile devices. Secondly a specially designed composition and performance demonstrated through the system to present this new approach to sound diffusion. In the presentation we perform among the audience. By doing this, we attempt to show the potential for enhancement of communal listening through explorations of new aural contexts. Fields has been performed in Helsinki, Berlin, Athens, Lisbon and Newcastle.