Appendix 4: Printing

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Taught postgraduates start with a printing allocation of £10.  Once this quota is reached, you can top up your printing account via machines at the main library.

This quota is intended to help you consider whether you need to print a certain document or whether it can be read on screen.  A lot of paper and ink is wasted each year, so we have found this quota system necessary.

The quota should be enough to print our your submissions and other pieces of information like project briefs.  A good way to save paper is, when printing, to print two pages per side.  This can be done by selecting LAYOUT from the print menu and choosing to print two pages per side.  With most of our printers, you can also print on both sides of the paper.

how to print two pages

Notice also on the bottom left of this image that you can export a PDF file from any print command.  This is a good way of preserving web pages without printing them out on paper.

For further details, see

John McGovern Media Centre

The John McGovern Media Centre is open to all students and staff of the Edinburgh College of Art and provides a professionally supported facility for large-scale printing and scanning.  It is based in the Department of Architecture on Chambers Street. Other reprographics facilities may be accessible in Lauriston Place.