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The following are times for scheduled workshops and seminars. Tutorial assistance will also be available at various times outwith these hours. Studio facilities are accessible once students have attended a Health and Safety awareness training session.

For Semester 1:

9-10 10-11 11-12 12-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5
Tuesday Interactive Visual Design
3D Animation and Design
Wednesday Tutorial groups
(as advised)
Thursday Media and Culture
Intro to Digital Design

Courses in both semesters will usually use these same time slots, but are subject to variation, and the whole length of a time slot may not be used. The final summer vacation period is necessarily organised very flexibly. See the Programme Calendar for further details, but be aware that changes may be notified at any time as the year progresses, possibly at short notice. Tutorial group meetings will be organised periodically throughout the programme (not necessarily on Wednesdays) and students will be advised as necessary. Full attendance is expected at all sessions, including tutorial groups. Other events include the regular ESALA Postgraduate Seminar Series, in which participation is strongly encouraged. Students are expected to spend a large proportion of the working week in the studio or libraries; it should be assumed that several hours of preparatory reading and/or writing may be needed for lectures or tutorials associated with the essay-based courses. A general guideline in the University is that full-time students will be putting in at least 40 hours of effort per week across all their courses and during the Final Project period. (1 credit point broadly equates to 10 hours of expected overall student effort.)