Appendix 3: Programme Calendar

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Please note that while every effort is made to ensure accurate details, this calendar should be treated only as a guide to the structure of the year.

The University Calendar is here:

On the calendar below, many events are subject to alteration but whenever possible, advance notice will be given, especially if the date and time of a lecture or seminar is going to change. The titles of many events and lectures are meant as placeholders and may change depending on the weekly needs of the class.

You can subscribe to the course calendars by searching Google Calendar if you have a google account:

However, you can also subscribe to these calendars with Apple’s iCAL and other calendar readers using the links below. (Right click or control+click to copy and paste the link.)

We strongly recommend you subscribe to these calendars in order to keep up with updates and changes to the schedule.

Subscribe to the MSc calendars with these links:

Design and Digital Media: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH11002 Media and Culture: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH 11192 Intro to Digital Design: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH11193 Intro to Interactive Design: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH11173 Intro to Digital Modelling: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH11004 Dynamic Web Design: XML iCAL HTML

ARCH11006 Digital Media Studio Project: XML iCAL HTML

Special Events: XML iCAL HTML