Late submission

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It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is submitted on time. If there is a legitimate reason for not being able to meet the specified deadline, approach your course organiser for an extension.

Do this as soon as you become aware that you might have a problem. University policy is that work submitted after the specified (or re-negotiated) date will be deemed to be a late submission and will be subject to a deduction of FIVE MARKS PER DAY overdue. After seven calendar days a mark of 0% will be recorded. (This policy applies throughout the University.)

Note that late submission of the final MSc dissertation (final project) is particularly serious and could result in failure of the dissertation component, implying failure of the MSc degree.

Application of penalties for lateness is at the discretion of the Board of Examiners. Legitimate reasons for lateness must generally be supported by medical certification or other appropriate documentary evidence. All such evidence should be submitted for Special Circumstances consideration before the relevant meeting of the Board of Examiners.

Your scheduling of all your work must take into account the vagaries of software and hardware: no kind of equipment failure, lost material, theft of laptops, etc. will normally be taken as a legitimate reason for lateness or non-submission.

The Special Circumstances Committee meets before the examination boards to consider the cases of students whose performance has been affected by illness or personal problems and it recommends actions that might be taken in mitigation to the exam board. The Committee deals with issues in the strictest confidence but it can only deal with problems it knows about so it is very important that, if the need arises, you make sure that your Personal Tutor is aware of any problems so that s/he can formally bring it to the attention of the Exam Board.

Examples of special circumstances might be:

–           physical illness or injury

–           depression or similar mental or emotional illness

–           specific learning difficulty

–           bereavement or serious illness of a person with whom the student has a close relationship

–           serious financial or accommodation difficulties

For further information see:


Non-submission and Late Penalties

Penalties for late submission will be applied as per the Taught Assessment Regulations. Regulation 25 and 25.5.