Programme Structure and Content

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The full time programme runs through two semesters and the summer “vacation” period.  Work on the supervised dissertation project occupies the whole of the summer “vacation” period. Each semester typically includes 11 weeks of teaching, plus an “examination” period. Official session dates are given at Note that in this programme we are not committed to avoiding all teaching during those weeks that are nominated as “examination” weeks, since our own courses have no examinations. However, we will do our best to avoid any clashes with external option courses that students may take.  The period following the spring vacation will otherwise be dedicated to beginning work on the Final Project.


Semester 1: Introduction and Orientation

Compulsory Courses:

ARCH11002: Media and Culture

ARCH11192: Introduction to Digital Design

Course Options:

ONE of the following two options: *

ARCH11248: 3D and Animated Design

ARCH11251: Interactive Visual Design


* OR

Introduction to Community Arts Practice: Modes, Methods and Meanings


Design For Informatics

Semester 2: Practice, Reflection and Action

Compulsory Courses:

ARCH11004: Dynamic Web Design

Course Options:


ARCH11006: Digital Media Studio Project


ARCH11247: Digital Playgrounds for the Online Public (20 credits)


CMSE11201: Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship (20 credits)


ARCH11254: Game Design Studio


* Other options: Select exactly 20 credits from Level 11 courses in Schedules A to Q, T and W, during Semester 2. Note that course options may be considered with the approval of course organiser and programme director. Students must check before notifying course secretary of their choice that their selected option does not clash with compulsory programme course timetables. Suggestions include:

Designing with Data

Internet, Society and Economy

ICT for Development

Mediating Film


“Semester 3” Summer period (Vacation): Integration

ARCH11007: Final Project

In each semester, the three courses run concurrently through the whole semester. Each course carries 20 credit points, and the Final Project carries 60.  The programme may be taken part-time, in which case four courses (ARCH11192, ARCH11193/73, ARCH11003, ARCH11004 and CMSE11201 [or option]) are normally taken in the first year, and the two other courses (ARCH11002 and ARCH11006), as well as the Final Project, in the second.