Feedback and Return of Marked Submissions

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Final course submissions will be marked and returned within two months of the submission date.  Interim submissions will be marked within 15 working days, with feedback and discussion during tutorial meetings.

The University has adopted a policy on feedback –

For information on student feedback deadlines, please visit: (Regulation 15). Also see and also Key elements of this policy state that:

  • All students will be given at least one formative feedback or feedforward event for every course they undertake, provided during the semester in which the course is taken and in time to be useful in the completion of summative work on the course. …
  • Feedback on formative assessed work will be provided within 15 working days of submission, or in time to be of use in subsequent assessments within the course, whichever is sooner. Summative marks will be returned on a published timetable, which has been made clear to students at the start of the academic year.

For our programme this is realised, in practice, by design project-oriented courses having a series of interim submissions, often known as “crit submissions”, that exist primarily for the generation of feedback which arises from a later discussion of the submissions in class sessions. Note that feedback in these cases may not include a mark or grade, but will include commentary on the quality of work and advice on improvement. However, there will generally be at least one marked interim submission with written feedback. In essay-oriented courses there will be at least one interim submission (e.g. of an essay abstract) for which written feedback may be given and which will be discussed for feedback in tutorials. The timetable for these submissions and events will be part of the Programme Calendar, which forms part of this Handbook and is regularly updated online.

(Notes given as feedback at any stage are not necessarily complete and do not generally reference all of the assessment criteria. Compliance with any suggestions in interim feedback is no guarantee of a good mark in a later assessment.)