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MSc in Design and Digital Media

Summer project agreement form 2016

This form is for defining your summer project, giving essential information for you and your supervisor(s), and to act as a record for Quality Assurance purposes. The form should be completed and agreed after discussion with the supervisor, but preferably before work on the project starts. Note that variation from the details given here is allowed during the course of the project, but should also be agreed and documented as it arises. In the case of a group project, only one form is needed per group, but it must state clearly the roles of each group member, with a view to how these will be assessed. Remember that the deadline date for submission is 19th August 2016: this date is set by the University, is non-negotiable, and no extensions can be allowed. Before that, we will have interim presentations to the group for critique and feedback as advised in the Programme Calendar.

A principal supervisor should have agreed the details given here, and should be named as main contact, though more than one member of staff may be involved overall.

This document should be completed electronically and submitted as PDF (or it may, with appropriate warning, be made available as an online form), giving as much information as needed in each category. Before completing this form, you should read carefully and thoroughly the section about the project in the Programme Handbook. Monitoring of compliance with project requirements may be done by the College Office, and be out of the hands of the examiners and course administrators. Please note also the following College warning: The regulations state that students should remain in Edinburgh for the duration of their studies. Leave of absence is not normally given for masters students. It is the students’ responsibility to keep in touch with their supervisors. Absence from Edinburgh cannot be cited as a reason for poor performance in an appeal.

Name(s) of student(s)

Title of project

Outline of project idea

Describe briefly the motivation, background, aims and overall intention of the project (up to 500 words).

Schedule of tasks

Breakdown of the required work into components such as: literature research, design, specification, implementation, writing up, etc. Include dates, and identify any dependencies between tasks.

Resources required

All resources, whether or not these already exist, e.g. access to computers and software, additional equipment, books, presentation space, etc., identifying sources (e.g. department, library, self) where known.

Outcomes expected

Describe designs, programs, documents, presentations, exhibitions, etc.

Roles of participants

For groups: describe the role of each group member, and indicate how it can be assessed. (Remember that independent reports will be required, which must identify the individual contributions.)

Principal supervisor

Secondary supervisor(s) or other involved individuals (internal or external, etc.)

Date of this agreement

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