Career Opportunities

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On completing the programme there are a number of career opportunities open to you and this degree opens pathways into careers in the music industry, in film, television, computer games, internet design, multimedia, acoustics, and independent practice as a sonic artist.

If your background is a practicing sound designer, the degree allows career progression and specialisation within this area, perhaps specialising in computer-games sound, film, television or other aspects of post production.

Sound design skills are desirable both in UK and overseas contexts but the market is highly competitive. As a Sound Designer with an MSc from Edinburgh, you’ll feel empowered to adapt to changes in this market. Most graduates enter this arena as freelance sound experts and this programme has been designed to be able to accept design opportunities and challenges as they come up from a wide variety of contexts, not just those traditionally aligned with sound design (such as film).

As a graduate, you’ll have had significant experience collaborating in multi-media contexts with a wide range of people with different skills and aesthetic outlooks to you.  These experiences  are formative in helping you to develop an adaptable and efficient approach to working both in larger teams but also how to behave as a proactive individual in these contexts.

The masters degree is a sound foundation from which to develop research skills and interests in higher education through, for instance, doctoral study.

Further information about your career opportunities is available here: