Student Support

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The University of Edinburgh provides numerous support services for students who encounter problems during their studies.  If you have any difficulties with your work, personal life or health, there are people available to help you.


One of the main benefits of studying at the University is the quality and range of the support services available.

All staff are available to help you with problems and you may find it easier to approach a tutor or course organiser in the first instance. However, there is also a more formal and structured system of student support available which is explained below:


Your Personal Tutor


A Personal Tutor will normally be your first point of contact if you experience any difficulties whilst studying.


Your Personal Tutor is a member of teaching staff within ECA.  They are there to provide you with academic guidance and to help you reflect on your academic progress so that you get the most out of your studies.


For further information on the Personal Tutor system, please see the following link:


ECA Student Support Officers


Edinburgh College of Art’s Student Support Officers are here to help you move forward in your studies.  Student Support Officers are happy to be a first point of contact for students on any subject, and they can typically advise on all administrative and pastoral matters, including:


  • Absences, interruption of study applications and withdrawal;
  • University procedures;
  • Special Circumstances applications;
  • Information on University of Edinburgh services;
  • Degree transfers and course changes (for undergraduate students).


For further information on ECAs Student Support Officers, and how to contact them, please access the ECA Student Support LEARN course:


For further information on the range of Student Support Services available to you, please follow the below links: