Computing Facilities

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The sound lab and design studio are well stocked with a number of computers and other equipment, including advanced software, and is normally reserved for MSc use. Further machines, all on the same network, are available in the Multimedia Studio (room 2.08) in the Architecture building at 20 Chambers Street, which is shared with undergraduates. However, at peak times (especially when a submission is due) demand may well exceed availability. It is very much in students’ interests to even out the load by working flexibly. Note also that some software will be available on only one or a small number of machines, so cooperation and negotiation are essential.

While strenuous efforts are made to maintain all the equipment in excellent order, students also need to appreciate that advanced computing machinery and complex leading-edge software are often by their nature unreliable, and our computing support staff are a finite resource. Systems will sometimes crash, usually at the most unfortunate moment. Any problems that arise should be notified to computing support immediately. Details of how to contact computing support, and other useful information, can be found at .

It is important to follow good practice in saving and backing-up all work. Personal hard disc drives and USB memory sticks are a useful resource. Responsibility for any lost material rests ultimately with the student. Where possible, we seek also to accommodate and encourage students’ use of their own laptops etc., including wireless connection to the studio network. Note that all such use, along with use of any University equipment, carries responsibilities in terms of sensible and legal use of software and networks. Infringement of the University Computing Regulations, which are signed up to by all students at matriculation and which cover any machine attached to the University network, even if only by wireless for a short time, is a potentially very serious disciplinary and legal matter.

These regulations may also be supplemented from time to time by the Edinburgh College of Art. In addition to ECA computing provision, a wide range of University facilities are available to students, including open-access computing labs in Alison House and the Main Library. These offer mainly standard office applications, but there are also a number of more specialised facilities. The University Computing Service also offers a number of training courses in the use of various applications.

For the University Computing Regulations, see


Students should use one of the following routes for IT support:

* Email:

* Web form:

* Phone: (0131 6)51 51 51


Links to self-help documentation are available on the ECA intranet: