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In the music section, you’ll find hundreds of CDs and LPs that can be listened to in the library itself.  At this link;, you’ll find numerous periodicals and access to our library subscriptions that relate to music.

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Course book listing

The following books are available on a shelf outside the Sound Lab for anyone to read locally. They have been bought by the Graduate School or donated by current and future students in order to provide a fast reference access but they are strictly not available to be loaned or removed from the building.

This means that you can take a book, read a chapter at your workstation and then return it.  What you can’t do is take them home or remove them from the graduate school, even at weekends or in the evenings.  The books must always be in the building, on the shelf or in your hands, nowhere else.  This is a very short loan kind of idea so we’re suggesting two hours use at a time.  Please use the university library for all other book-based requirements.

Our local book collection is augmented by a collection of DVDs, available on similar terms and if you open iTunes, you’ll see the Graduate School Play list available.  We’ll give you the password in the first session.  We also offer access to the ZKM database of hundreds of recordings of innovative computer and tape music pieces.

Books available

Ballard, J. G. (2006). The complete short stories. Harper Perennial.  

Berghaus, G. (2005). Avant-Garde Performance. Palgrave Macmillan.

Blesser, B., & Salter, L. (2007). Spaces speak, are you listening? MIT Press.

Chion, M. (1994a). Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen. New York: Columbia University Press.

Chion, M. (2009). Film, a Sound Art. New York: Columbia University Press.

Christensen, E. (1996). The Musical Timespace: A Theory of Music Listening. Aalborg University Press.

Collins, N. (2010). Introduction to Computer Music. Wiley.

Collins, N. (2009). Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking (2nd ed.). Routledge.

Cox, C., & Warner, D. (Eds.). (2004). Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. New York: Continuum.

Deleuze, G., & Patton, P. (2004). Difference and Repetition. Continuum.

Emmerson, S. (2007). Living Electronic Music. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Film Sound: Theory and Practice. (1985). . New York: Columbia University Press.

Ingold, T. (2000). The Perception of the Environment: Essays in Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill (1st ed.). Routledge.

Kahn, D. (1999). Noise, water, meat : a history of sound in the arts. Cambridge Mass.: MIT Press.

Katz, R. A. (2002). Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science. Oxford: Focal Press.

LaBelle, B. (2006). Background noise : perspectives on sound art. New York: Continuum International.

Makagon, D. G., & Neumann, M. (2008). Recording Culture: Audio Documentary and the Ethnographic Experience. Sage Publications, Inc.

Manning, P. (2004). Electronic and Computer Music (Revised.). Oxford University Press, USA.

McLuhan, E. (1998). Electric Language: Understanding the Message. St. Martin’s Griffin.

Miranda, E. R. (2001). Composing music with computers. Focal Press.

Toop, D. (1995). Ocean of sound : aether talk, ambient sound and imaginary worlds. London ;;New York: Serpent’s Tail.

Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music. (2002). . London, Eng: Continuum.

Whittington, W. B. (2007). Sound design & science fiction. University of Texas Press.

Winkler, T. (1998). Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

Wyatt, H., & Amyes, T. (2004). Audio Post Production for Television and Film, Third Edition: An introduction to technology and techniques (3rd ed.). Focal Press.

Yewdall, D. L. (2003). Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (2nd ed.). Amsterdam: Focal Press. 

Kindly donated by Donella Chai

Barthes, R. (1989). Image, music, text. Noonday Pr.

Gaut, B. N., & Lopes, D. (2005). The Routledge companion to aesthetics. Routledge.

Jeans, J. (2010). Science & Music. READ BOOKS.

LaBelle, B. (2006). Background noise: perspectives on sound art. Continuum International Publishing Group.

MacPhee, G. (2002). The architecture of the visible. Continuum International Publishing Group.

McLuhan, M., Fiore, Q., & Agel, J. (2001). The medium is the massage: an inventory of effects. Gingko Press.

Neill, A., & Ridley, A. (2002). Arguing about art: contemporary philosophical debates. Routledge.

Sadler, S. (1998). The Situationist City. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press.

Wake, P., & Malpas, S. (2006). The Routledge companion to critical theory. Taylor & Francis.

Wallin, N. L., Merker, B., & Brown, S. (2001). The origins of music. MIT Press.

Young, R. (2002). Undercurrents: the hidden wiring of modern music. Continuum.