Educational Aims of the Programme

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The MSc Sound Design aims to provide a rich cross-disciplinary programme of study for its students to develop skills in the area of audio production, post-production and related digital technologies applied to sound design. Once you’ve completed this degree, you will be conversant with specialist technologies and with the social, artistic and creative contexts in which such technologies are developed and used. The programme will impart practical skills within the framework of a critical and reflective appreciation of the impact and influence contemporary developments in sound design and its affiliated disciplines.

The programme assumes all students are at least at the beginner level in sound design, studio use and audio-based computing, but are prepared to advance quickly. The programme is structured  to allow you to develop according to your skills, interests and motivation.

Specifically, the programme aims to:

  • provide an analytical and exploratory framework for thinking about sound and its role in a wider creative environment in order to enable students to develop a fresh approach to sound design.  The programme intends to help you build on your previous studies or industrial experience
  • develop specific knowledge and provide a broadly-based foundation in sound design technologies
  • encourage the development of good design in its broadest sense
  • foster the ability to work cooperatively in groups in the context of design
  • develop understanding of the potential for new technologies, techniques and approaches in your design activities
  • enable the use of existing computer-aided sound design techniques in creative ways
  • assist students in discovering the usefulness of advanced technologies
  • give students an understanding of the scope and limitations of computer applications in sound design
  • engage in cross-disciplinary collaboration in the context of audio-visual practice