Student Representation and Participation

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Class Representatives

Students should elect one of the class as Class Representative, who will be invited to join the Staff-Student Liaison meetings. Additionally, all students are invited to give full and free comments and opinions on all aspects of the Programme, both to the Programme Director and to other members of staff, at any time. Note, however, that course organisers may not in all cases be able to provide immediate or written responses to comments.

You’ll be expected to elect your class rep by the middle of the second week of the first semester.

Staff members at the University of Edinburgh work closely with student representatives. Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) coordinates student representation and provides training and support for student representatives across the University.

Student representatives (‘Reps’) listen to you to identify areas for improvement, suggest solutions, and ensure that your views inform strategic decisions within the University, building a stronger academic community and improving your student life. Schools share students’ emails with their student representatives as a matter of course; any student wishing to opt out from this should tell the School’s Teaching Office/Graduate School or equivalent.

Peer Support

Peer Support in the context of the University means a student with more experience sharing their knowledge, skills, abilities and expertise with a new or less experienced student. Peer Support may focus around advancing your academic work, providing opportunities to socialise with other students within your School or offering additional support to ensure your well-being while at University. Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) and the University have been widely developing the Peer Support Project across the University since 2012.

Concerts, performances and presentation; documentation and production teams

The Sound Design programme and its related Digital Composition and Performance MSc are very active in the area of performance and public presentation.  We arrange many concerts and workshops through the year and expect students to take a full role in the organisation and production of these events.  We see your participation in these projects as a central component of your learning here.  While we can introduce many interesting themes and ideas in lectures and tutorials, this is an opportunity to gather real technical experience and makes an incredible difference to the speed at which you learn.

All students will be expected to volunteer to be part of the production and documentation of at least one of the concerts or presentations scheduled throughout the year.  We aim to organise it such that if you are performing or presenting, then your colleagues will take responsibility for documenting it and setting up / packing away the equipment and vice-versa.  We also encourage this model when preparing documentation of final projects.