Supervision over the summer

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Time flies very quickly over summer period. To support you well, we tend to front-load the supervision offering advice and workshops early-on. We aim to end the formal supervision sessions around 4 weeks before the hand-in date to give you enough time to independently develop the final work and to give your supervisors (who are also your examiners) enough distance from your project’s development to be able to mark it rigorously.

Anyone struggling during the final 4 weeks is welcome to contact supervisors for help and support, please don’t suffer in silence. If you are struggling, earlier contact is far better and more effective than delayed contact in these situations and there are things we can put in place like Special Circumstances if you’re adversely affected by personal issues.

Supervisions usually run in small working groups where similar projects are being developed or on an individual basis. These are established at the start of the summer semester and dates and times of meetings agreed.

How to use a supervision session

Supervision sessions and group meetings are not really effective if you’ve not done any work. Your supervisors will tend to speak a lot to fill the void and you’ll feel overwhelmed. If you’ve prepared for the meeting with specific questions you’d like help with, we can hone our help and support.