Author: Martin Parker

Supervision over the summer

Time flies very quickly over summer period. To support you well, we tend to front-load the supervision offering advice and workshops early-on. We aim to end the formal supervision sessions around 4 weeks before the hand-in date to give you

Introducing org-mode

Introducing Aquamacs Sectioning and structuring a document Exporting to something readable 01 Adding labels Styling output

Introducing Zotero

Intro to Zotero Library Hygene 01 Library Hygene 02 Citing into Word BetterBibTex

Final project listings summer 2017

Final project – Ethics

All Masters students are required to complete a level 1 ethics form to show that they have considered any ethical aspects of the work they’re doing over the summer. Every student must complete this form so when you’ve had your

Final project agreement forms


Final Project – Course Description

Vacation period; 60 credits. Course organiser: Martin Parker Synopsis This is the main project, the equivalent of the Master’s Dissertation in other programmes, which may be pursued as a group or individual exercise. Work should commence after the end of

Final project report guide (and typesetting tutorial)

The linked document below serves two purposes. The first is to provide information on how to approach structuring and presenting MSc dissertations 1, the second is to offer a straightforward template for typesetting your work to PDF using org-mode and

Final project help and advice – read before you start work

by Owen Green – Sound sketches: Keep sight of the fact this is a sound design project (which is easily done as you burrow into patches / concepts). I would very strongly advise the following: * Before getting bogged down

Digital Media Studio Project – Course Description – ARCH11006

Semester 2- 20 credits Course organiser -Dr. Agnese Sile Taken in year two if part-time Lecture Location – Lecture Room G03, 50 George Square (To Be confirmed) | MAP Time – 11:10am Thursdays, plus tutorial times by arrangement with your